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How It Works

Overview - SupporterWall

SupporterWall is an interactive grid that you can customize and install on your website. It allows your visitors to donate small amounts of money in exchange for their own spot on your wall.

Unlike other online crowdfunding products, what you do with your SupporterWall is up to you. There are no project requirements, goal setting or time limits. In exchange for their donations, your supporters receive digital real estate to use as they choose. Your supporters support you and you support them. Just how life's supposed to be :-)

Although the possibilities are virtually endless, here are a few ways SupporterWall could be used.

For You.

Collect donations for your blog, app or something else you've created. Raise money for your education or just to help pay the bills. SupporterWall gives your friends and fans an easy (and fun) way to help you out.

For Someone Else.

You see it all the time - a friend, neighbor, or family member has just lost their job, was in an accident or somehow fell on hard times. Use SupporterWall to help them out and unite your community.

For a Small Organization.

A community center, a church, local political candidate, etc. A SupporterWall can easily be displayed on websites like these to collect donations and let supporters see themselves as part of a movement.

For a Band, Film or Artist.

Display a SupporterWall on your homepage for your creative endeavors - to raise money for a film, an installation, performance or a tour.

For a Large Company.

Granted, the folks at Oprah.com probably don't need any extra cash. But they might want to give their audience a way to gain a valuable piece of real estate on their high-traffic website. SupporterWall lets them do just that.

See it Live

We funded the release of our beta by launching the BetaWall - where we had over 300 people donate to have first access to SupporterWall.

Check out the wall here.


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