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Crowdfunding app rewards donors with space on a digital wall
"Consumers sometimes value the ability to flaunt something almost more than they value the thing itself. That, however, can be difficult with donations, which typically reward donors in more intangible ways. A picture featured online certainly grants donors the recognition they often crave. One to try out for your own fundraising efforts!"
Use Supporter Wall to Connect Donations, Show Supporters
"This is a brilliant idea! You can essentially collect donations for anything you want and the supporters simply purchase squares with a photo and a link back to the supporter’s own website! That is pretty darn sweet!"
A Cool New Platform for Cause Marketers to Launch Virtual Paper Icons From
"I see it as a really cool virtual paper icon campaign. It allows you to sign your name to an icon, and post it in a public space. Plus, it allows you to easily link to a website, something paper icons can’t do."
Supporter Wall
"Supporter Wall is an interface embedded into any site, as ‘supporters’ pledge donations, their image and associated link goes up on said ‘wall’ and you pocket the cash...Capitalising on a long-standing common human desire to feel a part of a visible community (particularly think about those cafe walls with polaroids of it’s regulars)..."
Exclusive Interview: Supporter Wall Co-Founder, Sarah Cooper
"SupporterWall creates a community of supporters, and provides your donors with the great perk of being able to promote themselves, their project or their company through your website. We firmly believe that SupporterWall will go further in raising money than a simple Donate button, and if you are serious about being able to fund your project or organization, you should definitely be using it."
"Supporter Wall gives you the ability to collect donations for any cause or project. Supporters purchase squares on your Supporter Wall. The square then displays their chosen photo and link. As squares are purchased, the proceeds go directly to you. Note: to sign up for their beta you actually donate yourself and get a place on their wall. Smart move, we already signed up."
Startup Sunday: Supporter Wall
"Supporter Wall is a brand new start up with a unique approach to funding. Unlike Kickstarter and other funding platforms, Supporter Wall goes that one step further to bring praise upon those who donated by allowing them to place a link (of their choice) on the ‘supporter wall’ of the person raising money..."
SupporterWall | Create a wall with photos of your sponsors
(Translated) "SupporterWall is a very interesting project, that would mix the idea of the Million Dollar Page with a system of ordinary sponsors. The idea is to provide the webmaster a small wall on which photos will appear for users who help us fund our project as volunteers through donations. A beautiful and interesting way to return this noble gesture."
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